1House & techno went hand in hand with the social

1liberation after the fall of the wall of Berlin.

1The music represents pure hedonistic abandon for11many people.
1We have to keep this movement going!

1Pentakoste connects artists, musicians and

1supporter and gives them a ground to express their 1beautiful variete of cultures and arts they



1With an additional range from atmospheric 1111

1relaxation, organic food and a galaxy themed

1psychedellic dancefloor,
1It is also a place to get lost in a parallel cosmos

1and to set the spirits free.


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Pentakoste - a great space for

Art, Food, Love, Magic, Relaxation and Unity


Connecting different music cultures.


Music style on the dancefloors :

Disco, House, Techno, Psychedelic






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Musik gilt als eine der ältesten Sprachen unserer Menschheit.

Es ist unsere Bestimmung, euch die höchste Klangtreue zu bieten.

Im letzten Jahr hatten wir als Überraschung die Funktion One, auch dieses Jahr haben wir wieder ein kleines Secret für euch vorbereitet .

Es wird mächtig auf 3 Floors.

Timetable coming soon...



Remember the energy, double the detail and triple the love ♥ ♥ ♥



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Confirmed Labels:

Zosse Records




Professional sound engineering by:


a special Guest














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Felix Hüther / Groove


Subdog / Zosse

Jackie Grass / Zosse

Tizian / Zosse

Adlas b2b DJ Ion / Krach

Sasa / Bodies

Horner / Zosse



Lucas Eb b2b Tomastic / Zosse

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♥ With Love: your Crew! ♥

Zosse Records LZD



Sound engineering by Hermann & Blumenstock Audio

Very special thanks goes to Chrissy for providing MINZE 67




Previous Event:


Pentakoste II

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